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You’ve Been Called Out

Published 17/02/2018 in Cannabis - 0 Comments

How can they close the door on 30,000 Montana medical cannabis patients and shut down people’s livelihoods and eliminate jobs? They can do that because they don’t believe you matter. You’re a bunch of stoners. You don’t vote, they think. Or if you do, you won’t use your vote with power. Sure, you’ll cuss out elected officials on Facebook. But you’re a bunch of criminals. No one cares what you think or what matters to you or how this law impacts you up close and personal.

That’s what they think and that’s how they want to keep things. They don’t want you to have money because you’ll use it like everyone else uses it – to buy power. And they want you to be powerless so that they can control the rules of the game in this world and the rules don’t work in your favor.

And, they want humility out of you. Put that hat in your fucking hand. Not that it’s going to get you anything but maybe they won’t kill you.

I couldn’t post for a couple of days because all I could think about were cuss words. You assholes, that kind of thing. I was at the Capitol at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday night listening to these self-congratulatory jerks. “Worked so hard,” “I’d like to commend the committee …”

I’m sorry, but they were cowards. They cannot claim ignorance. We educated them. They voted to take money and medicine out of people’s hands rather than learn how to integrate information into their weenie little brains that might challenge some idea they don’t even realize is just part of their programming. It’s not even their own idea that drives them. Intelligent people didn’t “compromise” with these idiots. They gave in to them, over and over, whittling away at anything functional or fair until the result was de facto repeal. That’s how the forces of those who want to control others prevailed. They controlled other legislators into compromising their principles, which in turn exerts control on the Governor for whom it becomes harder to veto a bill that had so much legislative support.  Then the bill, in turns, exerts control over the citizens.

Who’s at the top of the pyramid controlling it all? Idiots, idiots fighting federal law one minute and hiding behind it the next. This law is not about governance or regulation but about controlling people, controlling other citizens “for the sake of the children,” families, and apple pie.

The manner in which these people pimped their children in the name of their fear and bigotry is shameless.

And you get sold out over and over because you’re not perceived as able to act with power. Who passes a bill that decimates a hundred million dollar a year economy and drives people into bankruptcy with a shrug of their shoulders? Who calls 30,000 citizens a “scourge” and takes a medicinal plant out of their reach not because of a public danger but because of their own personal preferences and discomforts? Who wipes out investments in the millions in facilities and equipment? People without fear of repercussion, that’s who. And, they even know the numbers, 30,000 patients, and each patient probably has two friends. If each patient and his or her two friends signed onto a referendum, this law could be stopped in its tracks.

But they don’t believe you will do it, or that you can. You’ll run underground. You’ll say, fuck you on some legislator’s Facebook page. Big deal. When you’ve got power, you don’t need to say fuck you to these guys. You don’t have to say a word when you act with power. Find someone to run against them, whether in the primary or the general election. Fund them. Kick a few asses to the curb. They get the message.

But you’ve got to do it.

What they want from you, expect from you, is apathy (“this is bullshit, fuck it”), or they want rebellion so that they have an excuse to crush you.

But power? They don’t believe you have it and they want to make sure you never do.

This bill will fail Montana because it’s built on lies. You can’t apply lies to reality and expect to get something that works. Their version of “fixing it” was to take all the good out of it and all the potential good, too. Their goal was to stop a reality that conflicted with their prejudices. A reason they cited over and over for supporting this bill was that there was marijuana in the high schools. If in two years, there’s still marijuana in the high schools, will they say their policy apparently had nothing to do with marijuana in the high schools, or will they say that we better repeal completely? Let me guess.

With this new law, if you’re a medical marijuana patient and you need someone to grow it for you, you must find someone who will do it for free. Any doctor making more than 25 referrals must be investigated and must pay for the pleasure. The stupidity of this legislation is off the charts and for that reason alone Governor Schweitzer should veto it. He knows the process by which it came to be and who were the dominant forces in crafting this law and what legislators’ interests it pandered to. He knows many members of his own party went along with it because they were afraid of looking like they did nothing and would rather vote for ignorance and childishness out of nerves than act like intelligent people governing in a changing world. There have always been those who resisted science and change, those who percieved knowledge as a threat. “What? Everything doesn’t revolve around the earth? The earth revolves around the Sun!? We’re not the Center of the Universe!!? Quick, kill someone.”

Yeah. Let’s let those guys call the shots.



contact the Governor:

Please, out-of-state friends, contact our Governor, too. Let him know how crazy this looks out there.