The buzz beyond the buzz

Jason Christ II

Published 17/02/2018 in Cannabis - 0 Comments

I don’t know Jason. Yes, I’ve spoken to him. Once on the phone and in passing at legislative hearings. He seems intelligent. He seems whacked. He seems like a cocky prick. He seems unsure of himself.

I agree with a lot of what he says.

And yet, sometimes the true things he says come out smarmy, like he’s trying to manipulate the truth instead of tell it.

To objectify him, politically and economically, he’s served a purpose. His “antics” – for lack of a better word – and his clinics were high visibility. The scene brought the press and the press, in turn, brought the scene. It didn’t look very, uh, medical. At the beginning, other cannabis businesses participated and set up their booths. Then the bad press backed people off. Bad practices backed off others. The backed-off tsk-tsked from the sideline, sincerely so. They also took in Jason’s clinic’s new medical marijuana enrollees and with them, built their gardens.

Patients build gardens. More patients, more plants.

Has anyone looked at the balance of supply and demand under this model? Does it make sense, six plants per patient? Does it produce more pot, or less pot, than what the legal market consumes? If more, you’re risking the black market dump. If less, you’re creating a need for a black market in order to meet legitimate market demands. However, you probably need to produce in excess of predictable demand in order to be able to address crop failures or other unpredictable circumstances that can negatively impact the legal supply.