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Jason Christ

Published 17/02/2018 in Cannabis - 0 Comments

Maybe you’ve read about him in the news. He’s the Montana martyr of the medical marijuana movement. The guy is sick. He has physical pain. He’s running a business. He set up traveling clinics. He built the medical marijuana market in Montana. He brought in doctors who hit that referral pad hard.

Are those docs bad docs, or are they renegades? Are they good doctors who, based on the evidence that they’ve seen, have determined that marijuana is no big deal, especially in the grand scheme and in comparison with so much. Maybe being broad-minded in the signature department didn’t violate one thing these doctors know to be true about medicine, and they’re making that point with the power that they have, and picking up some dineros along the way.

Righting a wrong and getting paid for the pleasure.

Good gig.

Jason Christ vaped at the Seattle airport.

Jason Christ smoked a bowl in front of the Montana State Capital

Jason Christ created a moderate faction of the medical cannabis movement by providing an extreme.

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